Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Good Morning,

Life invaded my writing again. Last Friday I had to have knee surgery. They ended up fixing a tear in my meniscus and repairing cartilage. I've been on some pretty strong pain pills since.
Today is the first day I've been left alone. Mr. Bellann had to go to work. Yesterday my Mom came over, bringing all kinds of delicious food.
So today I will be taking it easy. I hope to get some writing done. Unfortunately my latest work in progress is taking too long. I need to start getting stories out in a timely manner.
The good news is that on Saturday, The Leader's Little bit will be released at Siren. The is Book 1 of a new series call Rescue for Hire West. This rescue team has some fun members. On Wednesday, The Tracker Claims the Cutie, Rescue for Hire West 2 will be released for presale.
Have a wonderful day.

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