Tuesday, July 21, 2015

It's wonderful to be back. Our camping trip was fun and quite an adventure. We had rain, a tornado, and a blown knee. When we got home, the hubby and I managed to take showers before the hot water heater stopped working. Bummer.
The plummer just left and I am now the proud owner of a new hot water heater. To be honest I really wanted a new rock/recliner. But clean cloths and bodies are more important.
So enough bad news, (we won't talk about my knee and the MRI I will have on Thursday), on to good news. In August, my new series, Rescue for Hire West, will begin. It's set in Nevada and the team is bigger. So as a gift for being so patient while I was gone, here is the cover for Book 1. Also if you look further into my blog you will find a hint on book 2 of the series.

Welcome to Rescue for Hire West, a team of specialists ready to take on America’s rugged west while rescuing people. After months of training, Roman Marshall’s agreed to lead this team of heroes. The future looks even brighter when he meets spunky Jimmy Earl. Roman’s first challenge becomes accepting their nine year age difference. Age no longer matters when a serial rapist tries to kidnap Jimmy. Roman’s challenges aren’t finished. There’s training rescues gone awry, seductive brothers, lost children, and most of all convincing Jimmy they are partners, united forever.
The big guy might be gorgeous, but Jimmy Earl isn’t going to put up with his high and mighty attitude. He has better things to do, like make nonexistent phone calls. After waking up in the hospital with Roman by his bedside, Jimmy’s whisked off to Rescue for Hire West. Roman is dominating, possessive, and his hand regularly becomes a pain on his neither regions, but Jimmy can handle him, maybe. Coming August 29, 2015


  1. Looking forward to this series. I love Rescue For Hire and glad you will continue on.