Thursday, June 25, 2015

The week flew by on the wind. Was going to go camping but the story I was working on took two left turns. No camping this week.
I have just submitted a book called The Leader's Little Bit. This is a story I started while I was attending my brother's wedding in Vegas last month. It is one of the longest stories I've ever wrote.
Now that I've submitted it, I sit here not knowing what to do. My mind is numb from the editing and there is so much in the house that needs catching up on.Where to start.
Instead, I sit here so elated that I've wrote a full story and submitted it to a publisher. I believe if I ever don't feel this intense satisfaction after submitting a story I will quite writing. This is an accomplishment I don't take lightly.
Of course the next story is already throwing bits and pieces at me. I will take a few days to let it come together in my mind before putting the words on paper.
Have a wonderful day.

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