Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday is here already. Where did the week go?
Yesterday I had a bit of an accident. We live on a lake and one of the biggest challenges is the wild Canadian geese coming up on our lawns. They make huge messes and the smell is incredible. (not in a good way) There are many places and lawns of cottages where no one is around. Do they chose to go rest on those places? No, they like my lawn.
I have tried stuffing hubby' s cloths like a scarecrow, bottle rockets, little dogs chasing them, rocks, yelling, everything. They swim a couple of feet into the lake and laugh at me.
Yesterday I looked out the window and two sets of parents were teaching their babies how good my lawn is. I grabbed a broom and ran across the deck, down the steps, and took two steps on the lawn yelling like crazy, and something popped in my knee.
Everything stopped right there. I couldn't move, and knew it was bad.
Somehow, with the brooms help, I made it to the house. At the doctor's later I was told to use crutches, ice knee, and stay off of it. If I still cannot put any weight on it by Monday, I have to see a surgeon. 
Let's see, last Nov. hubby had emergency foot surgery. February or so I had wrist surgery. Now knee surgery is looming. It's turning out to be quite a time in the Bellann household.
Good news for my readers. As I'm stuck in the chair, final edits for Progressing with Storm will be
finished and sent back today. And the newest work in progress will be worked on.
So, that is the tale of Bellann vs Geese. (they won). Have a wonderful weekend.

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