Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Boone's Cowboy is now on Pre-sale at Siren Publishing.
Here is a snippet.

The door to the camper opened, and a lean man wearing nothing but sleep pants stepped out. Flynn sat on the roof, transfixed, when the man raised both arms and stretched his delicious body. He heard the man’s loud yawn all the way from across the yard..
Flynn watched the man put his arms down and look around. When he spotted Flynn, he froze and stared up at him. Flynn had to grab the edge of the plywood to keep from falling off the roof. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Boone was here.
With a bare chest and feet, Boone walked across the short grass toward Flynn. In the early morning sunlight, he was more handsome than he had been that night they’d met. Messy, shiny, dark brown hair, smooth tan skin, and lean muscles drew Flynn like a magnet.
Boone stopped on the edge of the asphalt driveway and put his hands on his hips. “I thought you were a cowboy.”
“What’s your description of a cowboy?” he called down. Flynn held back a laugh when Boone pulled his bottom lip in and thought about that for a second.
Velvety brown eyes sparkled up at him, and Boone said, “Cowboys have cows, horses, and hay lofts to rendezvous in.”
“I have all of them,” Flynn said.
“But now you’re wearing a tool belt and carrying a hammer. That tells me you’re a carpenter,” Boone teased.
Flynn laughed at the adorable man. “I’m a man of many talents.”
“That you are,” Boone said as he made his way across the driveway until he disappeared under the edge of the roof.
Flynn saw the ladder move slightly and heard Boone climbing up. He had a grand show of Boone’s head appearing over the edge of the plywood, followed by a smooth chest, belly, and a pair of thin plain sleep pants.
“What are you doing?” Flynn asked as Boone climbed onto the roof and crawled across it toward him.
“I came to say hi,” Boone said right before he kissed Flynn.

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