Thursday, April 9, 2015

Today's chapter is hot, hot, hot. Evelise Archer knows how to write a hot scene!

I can't believe it's Thursday already. Monday or Tuesday Callum's Love will be on pre-sale at Siren Publishing. Here is a snippet. It's still a little rough, but final edits will fix that.

“Adam, have those blood samples gone out to the lab yet?” a voice rang out.
Ryan jumped so high at the sudden invasion to the quiet room, his ass left the seat of the office chair and his arm knocked a bottle water across the desk. He caught a glimpse of a huge, gorgeous, blond coming into the room right before his butt landed back onto the seat, rocking the chair violently, and tipping it over. The next thing Ryan knew, the chair was lying on the floor with him still in it.
* * * *

Callum wasn’t sure what had just happened. He walked into the ranch office to ask Adam a question, only to startle a cute brunet. The next thing he knew water was flying all over the place. Now Callum was looking at the underside of Graham’s office chair, with the bottom half of the cutie’s legs and sock-clad feet sticking straight up in the air. Absently Callum noted that one sock was red and on blue.
Quickly Callum grabbed the bottle that was still spinning wildly, spraying water all over everything. Setting it upright on the water-splattered desk, Callum swiftly picked up the laptop and turned it sideways, trying to keep any moisture from seeping inside and frying it. Taking a couple of tissues out of a slightly damp box sitting next to a drenched pencil holder, Callum wiped the laptop as best as he could.
After Callum had placed the computer on an empty chair, he went around the desk to see if the man attached to the mismatched socks was okay.  Callum may have hesitated just a little when he got a closer look at the man still sitting in a chair that wasn’t upright but lying on the floor.
His first thought was that the man was too thin. From the angle Callum was standing and the position of the chair, he couldn’t at first tell how tall the guy  was. But then Callum decided the cutie wasn’t very tall. Callum liked the man’s rich dark brown colored hair even if it did have a quarter-size bare spot behind his cute little ear. The man’s bangs stood straight up, obviously resisting any attempt to comb it one way or the other.
As he neared the man, blazing attraction tightened his belly with its punch. This surprised Callum, usually he was able to push aside instant chemistry  until certain traits about his potential partners were revealed.
Callum frowned. The guy was just lying there, with his eyes closed. Callum started to worry that he might have injured himself when he fell.
“Are you all right?” Callum asked. Leaning over, he tried to tell if the guy was distressed in any way. A clean, soapy scent mixed with some light cologne reached his nose. Callum’s skin prickled and his dick noticed.
“I think so,” the man replied.
When the man spoke, his voice was raspy like he had been screaming in passion for hours. The sound drew Callum’s gaze to lips that were shaped like a pink cupid’s bow, waiting for a kiss or Callum’s dick, whichever he chose to give the man.
“Are you stuck, can I help you up?” Callum asked. It didn’t look like any part of the man was trapped in any way, and yet he continued to lie in the chair with his feet still up in the air. If Callum lifted the chair and set it upright, the man would be still sitting in it perfectly.
“I’m scared.”
Callum frowned. He again scanned the man and the area around him, and couldn’t find anything that would cause the guy to be afraid.
“How about you open your eyes and then we can go from there?” Callum asked.
Callum’s breath caught when the man finally opened his eyes. Callum had never seen anything like it. One eye was a bright startling blue, and one eye was brown. Both eyes stared at Callum, not blinking. Automatically Callum checked the size of each pupil for any sign of concussion.
“Does anything hurt?” Callum asked. From years of experience, he kept his voice calm, even though his heart was racing, and a shiver was making its way up his spine.
"I must have hit my head," the man replied. "Because there is no way I could ever be lucky enough to be this close to an Adonis like you."