Sunday, April 12, 2015

Today Jane Wallace-Knight contributed a chapter Gypsy's Wolf. The story keeps getting more interesting with each chapter.
If things go well Callum's Love will be up for pre-sale at Siren.
Here is a little snippet. Meet Ryan.

As they entered the kitchen, Elliot, who was standing behind the big center island, looked up from taking cookies off a metal sheet and placing them on a low wire rack.
“Hey, guys, how’s it going?” Elliot asked.
Ryan’s attention was caught by the warm, bunny-shaped cookies that smelled so good. Bowls of pink, yellow, and blue frosting sat next to the rack. Ryan could see some of the cookies had already been frosted and looked scrumptious.
“There was a small accident in Graham’s office. Ryan is on his way to his room to change his pants,” Callum explained.
Elliot set the pan and spatula down on the granite counter top of the island. “Are you hurt, Ryan?” Elliot asked.
“No, I’m fine,” he answered, still looking at the cookies.

Elliot laughed, and Ryan dragged his gaze away from the tasty-looking treats up to Elliot’s beaming face. He would swear that when Elliot laughed the whole room lit up.
“Why don’t you have a cookie, Ryan?” Elliot smiled at him, his blue eyes twinkling.
Ryan didn’t have to be asked twice. He reached for a particularly fat yellow bunny on the far end of the rack. Automatically he put his other hand down on the island. Hot pain sliced into the side of his hand where he accidentally touched the edge of the hot cookie sheet. Startled, Ryan jerked his hand up, catching his long sleeve on the corner of the wire rack, sending the rack and cookies crashing to the floor.
He stepped back and was stopped abruptly by Callum’s big body behind him. Off balance, he tried to catch himself. This time his hand knocked the bowl of blue icing onto the floor. The bowl shattered when it hit the salmon-colored tile, sending shards of glass and blue frosting flying in all directions.
Strong arms wrapped around Ryan’s body and lifted him straight up. Feet dangling in the air, Ryan looked helplessly at Elliot’s pale face. “I’m sorry,” Ryan said.


  1. Poor Ryan is accident prone. But he sounds so cute.

  2. Calling Ryan accident prone is putting it mildly.