Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The epiloge is up for Gypsy's Wolf. Lyssa Samuels did a great job.

 As for me:
 Next week Boon's Cowboy goes up for pre-sale at Siren Publishing - Here is a snippet.

Shane didn’t move a muscle. They’d taken his reason for living away over an hour ago. Shane waited, never taking his eyes off the door, hoping a nurse would come out and tell him what was happening inside the operating room.
“Breathe, Shane,” Cade said quietly.
Shane automatically pulled air into his lungs. He still couldn’t wrap his mind around the idea that Tony could have cancer.
“I should be in there with him,” he stated.
“You tried, man. But the doctor smartly told you, you don’t belong in an operating room,” Cade pointed out
“I should be with him,” Shane said again.
“Right, and the second the doctor cut Tony, you’d have him pinned to the wall by his neck,” Cade pointed out.
Shane nodded, acknowledging that Cade had a point.
“Tony came to my office for a private meeting the other day,” Cade said.
That got Shane’s attention. Turning his head, he looked at his brother sitting next to him. “What did he say?”
“He pointed out that Rescue for Hire is running with the bare minimum of personnel, and he recommended I start looking for a few more people.”
“You aren’t thinking of replacing Tony just because of this, are you?” Treble straightened from his slouched position in a chair near the corner of the room. He was the team’s weapons expert, and nobody could deny he had an attitude.
“No,” Cade said firmly, looking at everyone to reassure their small group. Every member of Rescue for Hire and their partners were gathered around showing their support for Shane and Tony. Some of Tony’s family sat on the other side of the room. They had come and talked with Shane for a while but gradually they found chairs near the television and soda machine.
“So what are your thoughts, boss?” Jack asked. He had been the head paramedic for the team until a rescue went wrong, injuring him and Cade, taking them both out of the field. Jack now kept all the equipment in top condition and took care of ordering and keeping their supplies stocked. He also, along with their current field medic, Gabriel, taught basic first aid and CPR classes.
“Tony recommended a few people for me to look into. I’d like to bring one of them here immediately for an interview,” Cade said.
What’s he got, boss ?” Damian, the pilot for the company, asked.
“Ex-Navy, specializing in electronics and bombs,” Cade answered.
“Electronics?” Gabriel asked.
“He’s an expert in computers, navigational equipment, and telecommunication devices that I’ve never heard of but can’t wait to see,” Cade explained.
“Will he fit in?” Alex asked. He had been the head tracker before a bullet ruined his hip. A hip replacement allowed him to walk again. Now he was working with law enforcement and accepting government contracts to train dogs and teach people the art of tracking and finding people.
“He’s gay, knows his stuff, and from all reports is wild as hell,” Cade said.
“Well, I’d say he’s going to fit right in.” Rock laughed, raised one tattooed arm, and pushed a long dreadlock over his shoulder. Rock was the team’s new tracker.
The door opened, and a nurse walked into the room. Shane’s heart started pounding hard as she walked toward him.


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