Friday, April 17, 2015

It sounds like everyone is enjoying Gypsy's Wolf. Today's chapter is by Sydney Lain.

As for me, Progressing With Storm has been sent in to Siren Publishing. I struggled with this story. My wrist surgery and the pain medication played havoc with my muse. It ended up being almost 40,000 words. That's my longest. I average 25-30 usually.
Because it took so long to write I'm sure the release will also be delayed. But on a brighter note more stories are demanding that I start writing them.
This weekend I have to finish final edits for Callum's Love. I also have edits for Boone's Cowboy waiting. There's always something that has a due date looming for me.
Have a great weekend and here's a little surprise. The great Harris Channing designed an awesome cover for Boone's Cowboy.

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