Thursday, March 19, 2015

We're racing toward the weekend. 
I have been slowly working on Granite County 5. As I will be getting my stitches taken out of my wrist I probably won't be around much tomorrow.
So here is a small gift. The beginning of Granite County 6.

Cory Casey couldn’t breathe. Thick bitter smoke cloaked the room with its heavy curtain of death. Corey tried again to pull air into his straining lungs. Sharp pain sliced through his chest as his organs rejected the putrid tainted air he was forced to inhale.
Again and again Cory pounded on the thick immovable door, his hands bloody from sliding on the rough wooden surface. Corey shoved his fingers into the empty hole where the doorknob used to be and tried to gain some kind of leverage to push or pull the door open. The door looked like a child’s grotesque finger-painting as the jagged edges of the opening tore bloody chunks out of his fingers.
“Help. Please, somebody, please help me.” Another coughing fit grabbed a hold of Corey. Tears clouded his vision and streamed down his face as imaginary smoky hands squeezed his lungs shut and glass raked over his throat.
A noise from the other side of the room caught Corey’s attention, followed by the unmistakable sound of crackling flames. All around the perimeter of the room he heard small bursts of air followed by popping and snapping as the inside of the walls caught fire.
In desperation, he stumbled through the room pain racking through his legs as he bouncing off all the cardboard boxes that filled the room. In a panic, he tried pulling the thick plywood covering the only window. It didnt loosen or move.
Corey turned back around toward the door. He focused on the dim light coming through the hole in the door and ran as fast as he could across the room. Corey launched himself into the air and slammed against the door. It didnt budge. Pain radiated from his shoulder and throughout his body as he landed in a heap on the floor unable to move. Despair, as thick as the smoke surrounding him, filled Corey. He was going to die.

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  1. OMG, please tell me we can have this soon...please!