Sunday, February 8, 2015

Okay, feeling quilty for ignoring you. Here is a snippet of Callum's story from the Men of the Crazy Angle Ranch 5.

Callum Leeman’s heart sank. It was time to end it.
He was tired. No, more than tired, he was exhausted. For the last five months, he had tried to balance his demanding job as head veterinarian at the Crazy Angle Ranch and his relationship with Merick Anderson.
More times than not, lately Callum stayed at the Anderson farm and traveled to the Crazy Angle or some other ranch to do his work.  Because the Crazy Angle employed him if another ranch needed his services, they contacted Graham, who contacted him.
Callum hated to fail. He didn’t like to lose an animal he’d try his best to save, and he hated to lose a relationship. But as he stared at the sweating, writhing man in front of him, it was crystal clear that he had failed. He no longer was willing or able to give Merick what he needed.
“I’m sorry Merick,” Callum said softly.
Merick stilled, before tipping his head to the side, listening. Callan admired the lean lines of the man’s naked back that was facing him. The pitch black blindfold covering his eyes was startling against his tan skin and messy brown hair. A ball gag stretched Merick’s mouth wide, and saliva coated his chin. His arms were held tightly above his head by metal handcuffs wrapped around his wrists and secured to a ring mounted in the corner of the room. A butt plug completed the picture. It’s long attached horse’s tail arched high into the air before hanging down to the floor.
The scene was sexy enough to make any man or woman pause and take notice. But it was the heavy leather strap that Callum knew Merick wanted him to flay his ass with and the soft suede flogger waiting on the small table by the bed that just torpedoed their relationship into the bucket.

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