Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Happy Hump Day!

Time to update you on what is happening in the world of Bellann. Or maybe its just my way of getting my head together.
 As you probably know, The Ride a Cowboy box set is on pre-sale. How exciting it is for me to be mentioned in the same sentence as those other mega-awesome authors.
Next up are Granite County 3&4. They are about a pair of twins. In Adjusting to the Situation-Granite County 3, we get to know Synn, Rock's best friend in Rescue for Hire's, Brad's Rock. Synn comes to Granite County to interview for a position with Rescue for Hire. Hot times in closets happen in this story.
Synn's love interest is Craig. Craig was the officer shot by Bechard in Granite County 1. What a tangled web Bellann weaves.
Craig has a missing twin named Cooper. Cooper manages to run from an abusive boyfriend and get to Craig's house . Synn's ex-mercenary teammate, Bishop, is called upon to rescue Cooper's cat in Granite County 4. Bishop is a hard killing machine of a man and drool worthy.
So that's what is coming up. I'm currently working on Callum, from the Crazy Angle's story. My books right now are scheduled to be released every three weeks. I'd like to shorten that to every two weeks, but just can't seem to get ahead in the writing department. Life keeps getting in the way. But that is my goal.
There you have it. In the future, I think another Rescue for Hire is going to happen. And maybe a couple of Crazy Angle stories. Granite County has a few people waving at me. And maybe, just maybe a new series.
We'll see.
Have a good day.

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