Friday, February 27, 2015

Happy Friday, we're sliding home to the weekend.
On Monday or Tuesday Granite County 3 - Adjusting To The Situation should be on pre-sale. I'm putting the cover on here. I thought maybe I would be getting a different cover, but it doesn't look that way.
It seems like forever since I've had a book come out. This one features Craig Collins. He is the cop that the crook, former sheriff Bechard shot on the hillside when Bechard was torturing Dean and Cree in the barn. His love interest is Synn Romeo. We met Synn in Rescue for Hire's Brad's Rock. Synn jumped over to Granite County.
So here is how Synn and Craig meet in Granite County 3 - Adjusting To The Situation.

Craig was restless. He wanted skin on skin contact. Not nurses with needles or therapists demanding that he rebuild the muscles of his chest and abdomen. He wanted his mouth or ass stretched tight around a hard dick. Preferably with a hand tangled in his hair, demanding his submission. Man, he loved it when a man was strong enough to keep him in line. That didn’t happen often, and never for long.
Wearing the tightest pair of black jeans he owned and a deep emerald green silk shirt, Craig entered K&L’s Bar on a mission. The dim interior was only cut by strobe lights slicing over undulating bodies on the dance floor.
Bypassing the bar, Craig made his way through the crowd. A few bold hands cupped his ass. Some slid over his package. A curly-haired woman, her heavy make-up looking grotesque in the flickering white light, stepped in front of him and ran her long-nailed hands up his chest.
Craig grabbed her wrists. Leaning closer, his put his lips near her ear and yelled above the pounding base, “Not tonight, darling.”
Not tonight, not any night with a woman. In high school his older brother had made Craig and his twin a deal. They each had to take a girl on a date and attempt to be intimate with her.  If it didn’t work out, he wouldn’t hassle them for being gay.
Neither of them had liked the idea, but their older brother, Clark, was the only one who had any type of control over Craig or his twin, Cooper. At sixteen, they pretty much followed twenty year old Clark’s orders. Everyone else, they ignored.
Keeping their end of the deal, Craig and Cooper asked a couple of girls out on a double date. They both even managed to have sex with them. And they both vowed never to do that again. Ever.
Craig moved around the woman and stepped onto the dance floor. Within seconds he had a hard body behind him and tiny twink in front of him. The twink was rubbing their groins deliciously together. The night was looking up.
K&L’s was the kind of bar you left your profession, status in society, and inhibitions at the door. It was dark, alcohol flowed like a river and sex was on everyone’s mind.
Body swaying and hips thrusting to the beat, Craig let himself go. This was what he needed. Raising his arms above his head he closed his eyes and let the music take over.
“Get lost.”
The hard cock rubbing against Craig’s ass disappeared. The twink’s wandering hands dropped away and the dick sliding against his was gone. Craig forced his eyelids open and looked toward the deep voice ordering away his fun.
Holy fuck. Standing in front of him stood a tall long-haired Adonis. Craig’s cock pushed hard against the zipper of his pants. He had a weakness for men with dark skin and hair. This Native American pushed every one of his buttons.
In the flashing lights he saw penetrating dark eyes, slashes of eyebrows, high cheekbones, and a goatee encircling a firm chin and a pair of plump lips. A light sheen of sweat made the man’s dark skin shine.
Stepping forward, the man ordered, “Put your arms around me, baby, and show me what you can do.”

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