Friday, January 30, 2015

Tomorrow is the last day of Man Love Fantasies. Today is Lyssa Samuels day to interview her heroes. You can find it here:
Tomorrow, Rescue for Hire 7 - Brad's Rock will be released. Here is a snippet on how they met.

Rock Morrison sat on a hard stone bench, the brisk late October wind blowing crisp leaves around, outside Granite City’s small airport. Some of the people coming out of the glass front doors of the airport were commenting how cold it was. For him the low forty degree weather felt warm. He had just left ice and snow in Alaska, and already his coat and long-sleeved shirt were stuffed into one of his duffle bags at his feet. Sitting there in a sleeveless T-shirt, he was starting to long for his cargo shorts and flip-flops.
After the plane landed, he called Cade Miller to let him know he had arrived. Cade explained that he was at the hospital with an employee who had been shot during a rescue. Rock’s blood started pumping hard at the thought of a rescue involving that kind of danger. He’d been called an adrenaline junky more than once in his lifetime and refused to apologize for it.
Now he was waiting for someone named Brad Hayward to pick him up. Rock was glad he never had a problem with plans changing or making decisions on the fly. This job interview was turning into quite an adventure. On cue a dark-blue truck pulled up to the curb in front of him. The driver’s door opened, and a man hopped out and started around the front of the vehicle.
Rock watched the tall drink of water stop on the concrete sidewalk before the entrance of the airport, and began searching for someone. It took a minute, but Rock finally heard the little voice inside his head, called self-respect, urge him to quit embarrassing himself and close his mouth.
The man had messy sandy blond hair that at one time looked to have been nicely styled. He was about six-one, with a muscled chest tapering down to a tight waist. Now that Rock got a good look at him, he did look a little on the thin side.
Big light-blue eyes, surrounded by thick dark lashes dominated the blonde’s face. The dark circles under his eyes and pale skin concerned Rock. But before he could concentrate too much on it, a square jaw and kissable lips drew his attention.
Rock’s gay-dare was pinging away, and despite his whole life potentially changing completely in the next few days, he was hooked and began making plans to somehow meet the big guy. Yeah, he knew there was a chance he would never actually succeed in meeting the man standing in front of him. But this was Rock’s way. When he saw something he wanted, he started making plans to get it.

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