Tuesday, January 13, 2015

ManLove Fantasies author of the day is Leah Blake. You can find her here: http://manlovefantasies.blogspot.com/

I just sent in Granite County 3 - Adjusting To The Situation. Here is the blurb:

One big Native American and one smaller blond cop meet on the dance floor, have a rendezvous in a storage closet, and the next day discover they will be working together. What’s one of the first things Synn Romeo and Craig Collins do? Find another closet.
What’s the second thing they do? Try to figure out who is mutilating and killing blonds. Help the County Sheriffs take down the man who has taken over the underbelly of illegal drugs and guns. And fall in love.
What’s the third thing they do? For Synn, it’s finding Craig when he’s kidnapped. For Craig, it’s surviving the kidnapping in one piece. Then the two discover the joys of life, like caring for Craig’s pets, Pete and Lola, and honoring Synn’s heritage in a special ceremony. Granite County has never harbored such evil before. It’s a good thing love always wins when men find themselves adjusting to the situation.

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