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Rescue for Hire 7 - Brad's Rock is now on pre-sale. Here are the excerpts. Enjoy.



A wet nose nuzzled up under his hand and Brad automatically ran it over the big bloodhound’s head and body. As a veterinarian his eyes skimmed over the animal checking for any abnormalities. See none the animal lover in him enjoyed petting and cooing over the beautiful creature.
“Aren’t you a pretty girl, Lily,” he said. “I know Bud is going to think you are the best thing since the invention of peanut butter.”
A noise by the door had Brad watching Rock come inside the cabin, before shutting the door tight and taking his shoes off. Immediately he slipped his red and green mismatched socks into stuffed bear paw slippers that sported long fake claws.
“Who’s Bud?” Rock asked, unzipping his heavy winter parka. Lean muscled tattooed arms were revealed as he slid the coat off and hung it on a hook by the door. Clad in just a camouflaged vest and purple and gray striped pants, Rock made his way over to the woodstove and Brad.
“Bud is Alex’s bloodhound. According to my brother, Brian, he’s one of the best tracking dogs around.” Brad chuckled. “Of course Bud and Brain have a mutual admiration society going on between them, so he might be bias.”
“You should smile more often.” Rock walked over to a straight-backed chair next to the rocking chair Brian was sitting in and he sat down. Leaning over he picked up a piece of wood from a wooden box and opened the glass door of the wood stove and threw it in. Once the door was shut again he leaned back in the chair and looked at Brad, eyes lazily traveling over him.
“What are you looking at?” Brad asked, starting to feel uncomfortable.
“You,” Rock smiled.
“Why?” Brad really wanted to know.
“You have no idea how attractive you are, do you?” Rock skimmed a finger down the side of Brad’s cheek and dipped into the spot where his dimple was.
Brad was at a loss of what to say. He had felt like a loser for so long, struggling to keep his head above all the demands everyone made on him. And then the accident that took the life he had built, away. Suddenly he longed for the comfort of his only friends, whiskey, gin, and vodka.
“Brad, let’s go find something to eat and have an early night. Tomorrow I’ll show you around, and then the next day we can get things packed up and start heading back to Granite County.” Rock stood up and pulled Brad to his feet. Lifting his head, he gave Brad another one of those quick kisses. “Everything’s going to be okay.”
Rock pulled Brad into the corner kitchen area, and they proceeded to fry up some fish Synn had left for them. From then on things were easy between them and Brad felt the constant tight knot in his chest ease a little. That was such a new feeling, that Brad stopped and enjoyed breathing easier for the first time in years.
“You okay, honey?” Rock’s fish filled fork stopped halfway to his mouth.
Brad smiled. “Yeah, this fish is delicious.”
“Thank you.” Rock smiled back and continued eating.
The rest of the evening went smoothly and Brad felt so at home in the secluded cabin, he started to wish he could stay there forever. But then Rock dropped the bombshell that they would have to walk outside in the dark woods for about fifty feet to use the outhouse. Brad’s first thought was, “Hell no!” He wasn’t afraid of the dark, but he did remember the warning about hungry predators.
That thought must have shown on Brad’s face, because Rock immediately took a hold of both of his hands and reached up and kissed him. This time Brad returned the quick kiss, liking the pleasantly surprised look on Rock’s face.
“Come on, big guy, together we’ll brave the elements and deal with the poopsicle house.”
“Do you know how gross that sounds?” Brad pointed out.
“Yeah.” Rock laughed, taking a key out of a knothole in the log wall and unlocking a cabinet, before pulling out forty-forty magnum handgun. “Hurry up and get your coat on honey, so we can get back and snuggle in that warm bed.”
Brad froze. “Um, Rock, um…”
Pausing while locking the clip into place, Rock looked over his shoulder at Brad. “Stop stressing. There’s only one bed. Nothing’s going to happen, but sleeping.”
Brad relaxed and followed Rock to the door, while zipping up his coat. Rock turned the doorknob and paused. “That is, unless you want it to.”
With that quip, Rock sailed through the door into the cold and darkness. Vowing to get back at the man for his teasing, Brad hurried after Rock.


A pretty blush stained Brad’s cheeks, but he didn’t hesitate, and followed Rock over to the big king-size bed. Sliding his hands under the hem of Brad’s T-shirt, Rock lifted it revealing tight muscled abs, and a wide chest. Brad pulled the rest of the shirt off and threw it on the floor.
Rock reached for Brad’s jeans and made quick work of opening them. Before he could push them down, Brad unzipped Rock’s favorite army green vest with multiple pockets.
Brad whistled when he discovered the small black barbells threaded through Rock’s nipples. A shiver raced up Rock’s spine when the tip of Brad’s finger touched the end of his sensitive tight nipple.
“I wonder what else you’re hiding?” Brad murmured, giving the barbell a slight twist.
“Keep doing that and you just may find out, honey,” Rock said, and pushed Brad’s jeans to the floor making sure to take his underwear with them.
Rock ignored Brad’s fingers working on opening his long cargo shorts and became lost cupping Brad’s furry sack, gently rolling the balls inside. Moving on, he traced the prominent veins running under the translucent flushed skin of Brad’s thick hard cock.
Looking up, he said, “Let’s go see how comfortable that bed is.”
Stepping out of his shorts and purple canvas shoes, Rock climbed on and crawled to the middle of the bed, lying back on it. “Straddle me and let me taste,” he ordered.
Gracefully Brad knelt above Rock and wrapped his long fingers around his hard dick, guiding it until the smooth skin was pressing against his lips. Rock reached up and encircled Brad’s hips, holding them tight while he opened his mouth and sucked in the wide head. Rock licked around the spongy flesh until Brad started rocking forward, sinking his dick ever so slightly deeper.
With one hand Rock searched under the pillow until he found the small tube of slick he optimistically put there when they arrived at the motel, and popped it open with his thumb. Continuing to suck on Brad’s dick, Rock squeezed lube on his fingers not caring about making a mess on the cheap comforter.
Pressing his tongue flat against the slit in the tip of Brad’s cock, Rock rubbed it back and forth firmly over the top, sliding easily when a gush of sweet pre-cum coated the way.
“Rock,” Brad exclaimed, thrusting his hips forward.
Brad’s smooth fleshy ass cheek beckoned Rock to explore massage and squeeze it until he dipped the greasy ends of his fingers into Brad’s crack.
Opening his mouth wide he let the big man fuck it, while he rubbed his finger against Brad’s soft wrinkled rosette until it widened and the tip slipped in.
“Rock, I don’t … I’ve never…” Brad collapsed over Rock bracing himself with his arms. This opened his ass cheeks up giving Rock room to easily sink his finger inside Brad’s silky hole up to his second knuckle.
Moving his finger around easily Rock pressed a second finger in. Sucking Brad’s cock in deep he swallowed around the head, loving Brad’s hoarse groan in the quiet room.
Continuing to swallow around Brad’s flesh, Rock put a third finger inside the lovely moaning man. Brad was a natural and pushed out allowing Rock’s fingers to slide in deep.
After a few minutes three fingers were able to move around freely and Rock wanted to feel that silky warmth around his cock. He thought about ordering Brad onto his hands and knees, but the man had felt he was on his own during most of the events of his life, and Rock would not have him feeling alone right now.
Rock pressed his free hand against Brad’s hip until that huge dick pulled out of his mouth. Slipping his fingers from the warm wet heat of Brad’s ass, he ordered, “Lay down.” Rock took great pleasure in Brad’s immediate compliance, loving the flex of muscles and bare skin.
Kneeling between Brad’s bent legs Rock kissed the soft pale skin on the inside of Brad’s knee, and grabbed a pillow from the head of the bed. “Lift your hips,” he whispered.
With Brad’s hips elevated, Rock gloved up and applied more slick to the latex. All the while light blue eyes intently watched his movements. Just to give him more of a show, Rock stroked his cock a few times, getting it nice and hard. Keeping one hand wrapped around his dick, Rock widened his legs, reach down and lifted his balls, giving Brad a peek at his guiche piercing.
“Fuck, that’s sexy,” Brad whispered. “Is that a ring?”
“Yeah,” Rock answered, letting go of his balls, ready to move things along now that he had spiked up both of their excitement.

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