Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sorry I have been MIA lately. Honest, I didn't for get you.
Hope your holidays are wonderful.
Next week Granite County 2 - Controlling his me is coming out for pre-sale at Siren Publishing. Here is a small snippet. WARNING - THIS IF FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY. IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 OR NOT INTO M/M LOVING = STOP READING!

12 hours earlier – 3:00 a.m.
“Please Dean, let me come,” Creed pleaded.

Warm water rained down on their nude bodies from the showerhead set high up on the wall. Dean stood behind Creed with one hand wrapped around the handsome man’s hard dick, pinching off the base. His other hand held his lover’s hip steady so Dean could pound his cock into Creed’s grasping hole. He made sure to hit Creed’s sweet bundle of nerves with every thrust.

Feeling his own balls pull up, Dean decided to grant his lover’s wish. Releasing his tight grip, Dean began firmly stroking Creed’s long, slim dick. “Come,” he ordered.

Creed’s moan echoed off the tan tiled walls of the shower and cum fell to the floor, mixing in with the swirling water and disappearing down the drain. Dean’s own orgasm had him pistoning hard into Creed’s hole, filling the condom with his spunk. Both men collapsed, leaning against the wall trying to catch their breaths.

“It just keeps getting better and better,” Creed said.

“Yeah, it does,” Dean agreed, sucking up a bruise on Creed’s shoulder. Creed was Native American, so the bruise wasn’t as much of a contrast as he would have liked. Dean loved marking his lovers with his mouth.

Dean put a finger on the top of the condom and carefully pulled out. After tying it shut he opened the clear glass shower door and threw it into a garbage can. Turning back toward Creed, he grabbed the soap and started washing his lover’s smooth, dark skin, taking extra time attending to the slightly reddened lines around his wrists. Creed had been gorgeous in his passion, decorated in tight restrains around his wrists and ankles, during their intense lovemaking the hour before.

Creed was almost everything Dean needed and wanted in the bedroom. Outside of sex, they still were working on their compatibility and Dean sometimes had the feeling Creed was troubled by something. Dean decided the next time they both had the same day off, they were going to sit down and talk.

Dean finished washing and rinsing them both before turning off the water and grabbing a towel. Soon, they were wearing their preferred boxer-briefs and heading out of the bathroom, intent on finding something to eat in the kitchen.

Crossing the thick-carpeted bedroom, they went down a short hall and into the spacious living room. Dean was laughing at Creed’s description of arresting a speeding driver when Creed’s eyes widened and his mouth fell open.

Dean heard two loud snaps and his body seized, jerking to the floor. Helpless, Dean lay shuddering on the living room’s soft cream carpeting, unable to control his limbs as sharp burning electricity flowed through his body. From the corner of his eye he saw Creed was also the victim of a Taser.

A sharp stick of pain sliced into the side of his neck telling Dean someone had injected him with something. As the drugs circulated through his system, everything faded away.

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