Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hello. Squirrel shifter reporter Jeremy Jason is visiting us today. He is sharing his interview with Samuel Craydon from Council's Agent - Lubirea Mai 2.
Let's give a big welcome to Jeremy Jason.

Jeremy Jason here, scooping out the news about our fellow shifters. Today I’m bringing you Samuel Craydon.
I have to admit I’d met Mr. Craydon prior to this interview at a small get together for the birthday of a mutual lynx shifter friend. Mr. Craydon is gorgeous, and I may have tried to get his attention at that party. Alas, a connection was not meant to be.
I would describe the very charismatic Mr. Craydon as being about 6’5” with sandy blonde hair and compelling hazel eyes. To top it off, he is genuinely nice. This unfortunately cannot be said for his older brother Simon. Who, I will bring you in an upcoming interview, once I’ve applied some soothing balm to my battered feelings, after dealing with him.
It should be noted that although it’s obvious I may have a small crush on Mr. Craydon, this reporter kept the interview strictly professional. This is how it went.
Me: First of all, I have to tell you it is completely awesome that you agreed to give me such a wonderful interview. I mean, it will be wonderful once we’ve had it. The interview, I mean.
Samuel: No problem. I’m always happy to help in any way to get the word out to the shifter population, that it is possible, not matter what age you’ve reached, to find a mate.
Me: It’s apparent to anyone meeting you Mr. Craydon, that age isn’t a problem. Even a blind man could see you are in the prime of your life.
Samuel: Thank you. Did you have any questions to ask me? The cubs will be up soon and I’d like to help my beloved with them.
Me: Oh, oh yeah. Um, do you have an advice to my readers on how they could find their mates? Someone like you, big, strong, handsome, hunky, built…. Oh, I mean the one for them.
Samuel: My lubirea mai has set up web sites for mates to meet and be able to talk even if they are miles apart. There has been a lot of success with the shifters that used them. The different councils have set up meet and greets around the country trying to help shifters interact, hoping that more mates find each other. I encourage everyone to give these tools a try.
Me: Lubirea mai? You’ve actually found your lubirea mai.
Samuel: I’m not sure why you look so sad. Is something wrong?
Me: No, nothing in world could possibly be wrong. Let me be the first to congratulate you on finding your lubirea mai. Um, I’m afraid I have to wrap this interview up. I have an appointment that I can’t be late for.
Samuel: That’s too bad. You didn’t get a chance to ask many questions. When you have some free time, you’re most welcome to come back and interview both Riley and I on the progress the web sites are making.
Me: Sure, that sounds good.
That ended the interview.
As I left the house, I heard a noise at the top of an elegant open staircase. Glancing up, I saw a slim handsome long curly-haired brunet, about five-nine, with startling dark gray eyes. He smiled, making him all the more good looking. At his feet were three of the cutest lion cubs I’ve ever seen.
Looking back I may have had felt a small bit of disappointment that Samuel, ah Mr. Craydon had found his lubirea mai. But after seeing his lubirea mai and cubs, I couldn’t help but feel happy for him and hope someday the rest of us shifters can be so blessed.
Signing out and until next time, Jeremy Jason.
p.s. On the way to my car I may have bumped into a squirrel shifter. After talking a bit, he asked me if I wanted to help him check out his nuts. I couldn’t turn him down, after all winter is coming.
And so did I.

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