Wednesday, December 31, 2014

For me today is a day of reflection. How can it be anything else? My mind is a sea of imagination. Every situation or anything that happens, can be observed and created into a story.
This last year I have managed to take that imagination and put it into story form, and share it with the world. You cannot fathom the enormity of that. Along with a healthy dose of self-doubt and what the hell am I doing.
The craziest thing of all that happened in this last year, has been that people actually want to read my stories. For that I am in utter awe and thankfulness.

Tomorrow is the first day (at least for me) of a new year. How exciting to start something new. A whole new set of hopes, dreams, expectations, and redoes.

For my readers, here are a hint of upcoming books. January will start with Sheriff Steve's brother finding true love. Be prepared to hold onto your seats with that one. January will end with Pip's brother Brad's heartbreaking, happy crying tale. The story will also have heart stopping events of one member of the original Rescue for Hire group.
February will have a crazy wonderful offer of stories in a shapeshifter book with Lynn Hagen, Stormy Glenn, me, and Marcy Jacks, all collaborating in. February and March will also include a set a twins who find love in Granite County.
For the rest of the year, I'm not sure. I'm throwing around the idea of writing another story for the original five Rescue for Hire members. Life changes as people move in life. We'll see.What I am sure of is that I will do my best to try and create stories that you will enjoy.


  1. Happy New Year. I look forward to your work in 2015

  2. Thank you. Happy New Year to you too.