Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thought I would pop in for a moment. I am currently working on Rescue for Hire 7 and Granite County 3 is talking to me in my head. I have a feeling that one is going to be a creepy story.
For those who decided to read my newest release, Council's Agent - Lubirea Mai 2. I hope you liked it. Haven't heard too much feedback. That can be good or not good.
Lubirea Mai 3 is next. It will feature Simon. There is no two ways about it. Simon is a very flawed character. Of course he doesn't know that. He thinks he's perfect.
His story will be coming out in December, when the Holiday Blog Hop is going on. I will be giving a free ebook copy of his story away.
That will be it for 2014.
The only thing I can say about January, is it is going to blow your socks off. So hold on to your hats.
Hopefully our squirrel reporter will be visiting this week.
Take care.


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