Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Tangled World Of Bellann Summer

Tomorrow Granite County 1 - Dominated and Claimed is out at Siren Publishing. For those who like to preorder, you may do so here:
I thought it was time to give a little update for those confused by my circling maze of a mind, here's how the series happened.
Rescue for Hire 1-6 started it all.
The Men of the Crazy Angle Ranch 1-4 came from Pip who's story is Rescue for Hire 2. He has a brother Tyler, who is mentioned through out Rescue for Hire and has his story in The Men of Crazy Angle Ranch 1.
If I haven't lost you yet, we will go on.
Tomorrow Granite County 1 will be introduced. It features Sheriff Steve Titan who has been in most of the Rescue for Hire books.  I couldn't have his story as a Rescue for Hire story, because he doesn't work for the company.
So, he gets his own series, because his world is nothing like we've envisioned it. At least I don't think you have. I have as I've written it. He met Haley in Rescue for Hire 6 and wants him. We have all seen Steve in action. He goes the extra mile to keep the law. (helping Alex in Rescue for Hire 4) What we haven't seen is how dominating he can be. And of course he has to fall for a man who isn't going to knuckle under to his demands. Unless of course the guy wants to.
Granite County dips into the world of drug dealers, dirty cops and we meet a whole new cast of characters, including Steve's brother Dean. (Dean will get his story in Granite County 2)
Now, for those of you asking. Lubirea Mai is a whole separate world. (Paranormal) It so far has 4 1/2 stories. Yes, I working on #4. So far it features cat shifters, but I see a magic man and a few vampires in the future.
Now that I've talked your ear off or written your eyes out, whatever the case may be, I want to wish you a wonderful day and thank you for giving me a chance to provide you with a few hours of relaxing entertainment in book form.

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