Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hello Tuesday!
It's cold in my neck of the woods. I had taken a few days off to rest after completing my latest project. Now I am working on Rescue for Hire 7. I find it ironic that I had decided that there would only be 5 books in the series, and now I'm on 7.
What is this one about, you ask? Well it is going to be a tiny catch up on some of the original members of the team. And then it's Brad (Pip's brother) and Rock's story. Of course, as with Bellann's style, there will be a twist.
I have quite a few lubirea mia stories coming out. They are a different kind of paranormal. I call them my thinking series. These paranormal beings have rules to follow and it makes you have to think.
What about the Crazy Angle series? I heard the chant, "Callum, Callum, Callum," in my ears. Callum's story is coming up early next year. It all depends on a timid little Cheetah shifter who keeps whispering in my ear telling me that readers need to know about the cheetahs.
Then I think we have to get back to Granite County's drug problem.
Well, just had to catch you up on things. Remember Lubirea Mae 2- Council's Agent is on presale now and will be coming out on Thanksgiving day.
Stay warm.

Oh, I almost forgot. Right after Thanksgiving day, we will be welcoming that pesky squirrel reporter back with an interview with Samuel of Council's Agent. Should be fun.

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