Friday, November 21, 2014

Happy Friday!
This upcoming week is going to be busy with Thanksgiving on Thursday and a new book release. So here is a snippet of Lubirea mai 2- Council's Agent. The is Samuel and Riley's story. It will be out Thursday at Siren Publishing. You can pre-order it here.

Two days had passed since their mating, and Riley sat clad in one of the motel’s soft white robes, at a small wooden table in the corner of the motel room, eating cheeseburgers and fries the motel kitchen had delivered. He and Samuel had spent most of the last few days sleeping, with bouts of some of the most intense sex he had ever experienced.
His mate could be tender, fun and extremely dominating. Even now the insides of Samuel’s bare feet were pressed tightly against the outsides of Riley’s feet, under the table.
“You never told me about the wolf lying on the ground that I saw in that vision. I know you killed it.” There was no accusation in his tone, he was curious.
“I’ve been involved in more than one situation where a wolf shifter has ended up dead, baby. Can you tell me anything else that you saw in the vision?” Samuel asked.
Riley tried to remember details, but other than it being a black and white image, he didn’t remember much of anything. The shock of knowing Samuel had killed the shifter had blown everything else out of his mind. Then it hit him. “There were a couple of men in the background. One was wearing a round funny hat like Charlie Chaplin would wear in those old-time movies. And the other had his hair parted down the middle and slicked back.”
Samuel frowned, “I wander what era that would be?”
Riley picked up his cellphone lying on the corner of the small table. With a couple of swipes of his finger, he was into his internet application. “Here’s a movie with him wearing that hat. It says it’s a nineteen-twenty’s movie.” Riley looked up at Samuel. “Talking about you being alive in nineteen-twenty is odd as hell.”
Samuel ignored Riley’s last statement and stared into the air in front of him. His arm rose, making the matching motel robe’s sleeve flap, when he put a long slim, golden fry into his mouth. The black metal band on his wrist was a startling contrast to his tanned skin. By the look on his face Riley was sure he hadn’t even tasted the fry, Samuel was thinking so hard. “If I remember right I was in the area looking for a missing cougar shifter, when the council sent me to a small mountain town in Montana. This was back in the late nineteen-twenties I think. A wolf shifter went on a killing spree. He masked his scent, and during the middle of the day he went house to house and killed as many mated women as he could.”
“Why would he do something like that? I thought mates were everything in the shifter world?” Riley asked.
“Mates are what every shifter longs for. They are our companions, our lover, and the other half of our soul. They are who we spend our long life with. Unfortunately this is a gift that not everyone receives.” Samuel continued. “The shifter had reached his six hundredth year and something inside him snapped. When I arrived at the town, he was waving a knife around and screaming that if he couldn’t have a mate or children, no one else would either.”
Riley knew that Samuel didn’t realize he had said, mate or children, not mate and children. Looking at the black metal bracelet that encircled his wrist, he wondered if his mate had any children, but didn’t ask. Their relationship was too new to deal with that yet.
Instead, he asked, “What happened?”
“He smelled me and knew I was an agent from the council. He looked me right in the eye and told me that one of us was going to die that day.”

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