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It's time form Mix Up Some Romance Blog Hop!
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Recue for Hire: How it all begain...
Bear's Pup

Cade had witnessed three houses being swept away by the raging
currents. They looked like they had been made of paper with the ease
the river had yanked them off their foundations and torn them to
pieces. He had just gotten word that another house had been swept
away a few minutes ago upriver. He knew a massive amount of debriswas heading toward them and they had to get off the river until it
passed. Then something in the water caught his eye.
Amid splintered boards, furniture, and other debris floating past
was a person clinging to what looked like the headboard of a bed.
Cade signaled the driver, and immediately Cade and his teammate,
Tony, were heading toward the person. As they got closer, Cade could

now tell it was a man they were trying to get to. He also realized the
guy wasn’t wearing much clothing. That wasn’t unusual, as clothing
tended to be ripped away in fast-moving water. They had to slow
down before reaching him so that they didn’t cause a wake and push
the board further away. There was also the possibility of swamping
the headboard with water and sinking both it and its occupant.
With skillful maneuvers the driver managed to get the boat close
enough so that Cade and Tony could both grab the small man from the
churning waters. Not wasting any time, the boat was turned around
and headed to the shore. Cade held the guy close trying to stop any
more damage from being inflicted from the rough ride. He could tell
at a glance the poor fellow was pretty banged up.
Finally they reached the designated boat ramp where Jack, who
was his second-in-command and a paramedic, had a first aid station
set up. Reluctantly, Cade handed the injured man to a volunteer who
look him over to where a couple of cots were set up for an initial
medical evaluation. Immediately, Jack was checking the little guy
over. The same volunteer had a clipboard and was writing and
checking boxes on a form as Jack continued his exam, quietly asking
questions. Getting out of the vehicle, Cade went over to the small man
in the makeshift bed and stood by him, watching. For some reason,
Cade couldn’t move away.
“What are your orders, boss?” Tony asked.
Not taking his eyes off the small man and finding he was a bit
irritated that Jack was touching him, Cade ordered, “Have everyone
come in and take a break. Find something to eat and rest for thirty.”
The man on the cot turned his head and looked at Cade. Eventhough the poor guy was exhausted, cold, and injured, he had the most beautiful warm,
velvety brown eyes Cade had ever seen. And they just grabbed a hold of something inside,
taking his breath away. Cade
couldn’t stop himself from gently placing his hand on the man’s thin
wet leg.
“Don’t leave me,” the man pleaded.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Cade stated.

Turning to Jack, he asked, “Does he have to be taken to the
hospital, or can I take him home with me?”
“What the hell, boss?” Jack was clearly confused. Standard
procedure after a massive disaster rescue was getting basic
identification details. Jack also evaluated the victim and decided if the
person needed a hospital or just had to go to a shelter that was usually
set up for victims to be reunited with loved ones. Jack couldn’t recall
any of his teammates ever becoming personally involved with a
victim. Especially his powerful, by-the-book boss. Jack had never
seen him act this way toward a recue before.
“Answer the question, Jack.” Cade may have been addressing
Jack, but his attention was clearly on the man lying on the cot.
“Well, I will need to draw blood. Standard procedure for
infections. I have meds for that and the pain, which should help him
over the next couple of days. He’s conscious and aware, but should be
closely monitored over the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours.
Mostly he will sleep and need hydration,” Jack explained.
“Alright, do what you have to do. Then when the rest of the team
is finished with their break, take over. I’m taking him home to
recover. If you need anything, I’ll have my phone on me,” Cade told
his second. Jack looked him right in the eye for a minute, and then
they seemed to come to an understanding. Nodding, he went back to
Cade, on the other hand, didn’t quite know why he was acting like
this. He just knew he was taking this little man home to heal. During
that time he would find out if this attraction, connection, and what his gut was telling him were real.
Now it continues....  Release October 9, 2014
Gabriel's Pretty:
Gabriel Simmons was stoked. Not only had his interview for the

new medic position gone well, but a rescue call had come in and he
was going on it. He was at a point in his life that he was ready for a
steady job, doing what he was good at. And now he had his chance.
Having followed Cade’s instructions, he had gone into the
equipment shed and found an orange flight suit, along with a harness
that fit through his legs, around his waist and over his shoulders. If
they found this lost kid, he was now ready to be lowered from the
helicopter to help him.
He also gathered up medical supplies and stuck them into the deep
pockets of the suit. Even though he would take the huge first-aid kit
along, he knew from experience that sometimes conditions became
too gnarly to lug along the kit while he was descending from the

As he stepped into the office, an attractive blond man turned
toward him, with alarm covering his handsome face, and proceeded to
rip and land on his ass. Gabriel set the helmet with its built-in radio

on the floor and knelt down next to the man whose blue flight suit had
a tag with the name Pete sewed onto it. “Are you okay? Are you in pain?”
Automatically his medical training kicked in. Sometimes Gabriel wondered
how many times he had said those words on the combat fields of Iraq. Pushing those
gruesome thoughts away, he instead concentrated on the pretty blond,slim man in front of him.
“I’m fine,” the blond said. Gabriel felt himself being drawn into the depths of a pair of beautiful blue eyes as he reached out to the man. He noticed the man hesitated before taking his hand,  but once their skin touched, Gabriel felt an instant connection.With their hands still joined, Gabriel helped the man to his feet.
Facing him, Gabriel now saw that at six-two, he was just a little less than a half of a foot taller than the other man. And while he didn’t have Cade’s massive muscles, Gabriel was no slouch in the muscle department, making it seem like he was totally dominating the other man with his size.
“Hi, I’m Gabriel.” Gabriel smiled, finding that he was becoming
completely spellbound by clear blue eyes, surrounded with think
black lashes. His heart beat a little faster as he took in the slim nose
that was turned up just a tiny bit at the end, and pouty lips with the
bottom lip being thick, full and totally kissable. Add in blond hair that was short on the sides and longer on top with bangs that fell over his
forehead and Gabriel was captivated.
“Nice to meet you, I’m Pete Kenyon. I hope things go well for
you at Rescue for Hire,” Pete responded.  

Wow, can you believe it is already October? I don't know about you, but the cool air, turning leaves, and pumpkin everything is making me want to bake!
Thanksgiving will be upon us soon, and what better way to get you into the baking mood than to give away a brand spankin' new KitchenAid mixer?

Let me tell you, I have this exact model in black and I wouldn't trade it. I'm so pleased with mine that I tossed my handheld mixer. Yes, I did.
In honor of this prize, I want to share a recipe that has been around since I was a kid, and let me tell ya, that was a couple years ago. LOL! It is also one of my most favorite cakes. No matter the weather, when I eat this cake I envision tropical beaches and warm sun shine. Now, I realize we should be thinking fall, but winter will be here soon, and we'll all be crying the blues again.
Now for the rules.
1. Have fun and hop in to visit the fabulous authors and bloggers on the LinkyList. Each and everyone is hosting their own giveaway, so you have oodles of chances to win something great while you find your next book boyfriend.
2. You need to leave your email. How can we contact you if you win?
3. Earn entries for the grand prize by stopping by and liking us on Facebook.
4. On US residents can the win the mixer. So sorry. The thing weighs over 30+ pounds. Shipping would be enormous. In the event the Rafflecopter chooses someone outside the US, the prize will be a $100 Amazon gift card. Not too shabby. Think of all the books!
5. The grand prize is not transferable and no cash will be given instead of the mixer.
6. Don't forget to have fun and take the time to visit others on this hop. Who knows, they may just hold the book that you've been looking for.

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