Saturday, October 18, 2014

Happy Saturday!

If you haven't had a chance to read my Rescue for Hire series, you have a week to brush up. My new spin-off Granite County will be available for pre-order. The guys from Rescue for Hire will be in and out of the series as the company is located in Granite County.
The first book features Steve Titan who is the sheriff that assists the Rescue for Hire group in all their books. His love interest is Haley Kenyon, Pete's cousin from Gabriel's Pretty - RFH 6.
Below is a small taste of Dominated and Claimed - Granite County 1.

Haley Kenyon opened his eyes and then slammed them shut again as sharp knives stabbed into his eyeballs. Taking a second to let the piercing pain settle down, he lay there taking stock of the situation.
With growing concern, he realized he wasn’t lying on the floor. Under his body there was the soft cloth and cushiony feel of a mattress, except for his head which lay on something hard, warm, and alive.
Carefully Haley opened his eyes. The second he recognized he was in a bed, he panicked and tried to jump up and get the hell out of there. He got nowhere. Huge muscular arms encased him, pulling his naked back against a rock-hard warm, fuzzy chest.
Haley kicked his heels backward as hard as he could, desperately trying to connect with the legs behind him. Using his blunt fingernails, he pinched and gouged at the person, trying anything to get away. His world spun and he found himself lying on his back. He was now completely covered by a solid unmovable body, with his arms stretched above his head and held down by firm rough hands.
Lifting his head, Haley did the only thing he could think of and sank his teeth into the muscle right above his captor’s left nipple. He bit down as hard as he could until the skin broke.
     Haley couldn’t believe the man wasn’t yelling in pain, pulling away, or doing something to defend himself. In the past his uncle, dad, or brother would have beaten him to a pulp by now. But this man didn’t move. He just endured the pain, making Haley’s hair stand on end.
    “Let go, beauty. I’d rather wear your scars of passion, not fear.” The voice was deep, rich, and almost made Haley’s heart stop beating in complete horror, because it was the sheriff’s.
    Slowly, Haley pulled his teeth out of the sheriff’s flesh. Blood oozed and formed trails that made their way down, clinging to the hair on the huge plane of furry chest before him.
    “I’m sorry,” Haley said. He looked up into the handsome face above him. The sheriff had such dark-brown eyes they were almost black. And to Haley’s relief they didn’t look angry.
    “Let’s go into the bathroom so you can clean this up,” the sheriff said.