Saturday, October 25, 2014

Because of a few cover issues I haven't promoted Granite County 1 very much. Now that things are good I thought I would give you a little insight into Haley and Steve.

Arms reaching over his head, Steve stretched and let out a big yawn, as he woke up from sleeping almost sixteen hours straight. Opening his eyes, he automatically reached for his phone sitting on the night stand. Swiping a finger over the screen he saw he had a text from Creed.
As Steve’s Chief Deputy, Creed was a solid employee and completely trust-worthy. He also was a very good and loyal friend.
Steve’s eyes widened when he read the message. “Haley’s safe. Took him home from hotel after dinner with co-workers.”
Grinding his teeth together, Steve got out of bed and threw on a pair of running shorts, tank top, socks and tennis shoes. He had a couple of hours before the little shit had to be at the Community Center. Enough time for a run, shower, spanking and some loving.
Grabbing his keys, he headed out the door to Haley’s apartment.
* * * *
Haley frowned, then sniffed and turned over, burying his head into the soft fluffy pillow. Whoever was pounding on his door might as well go away. He was sleeping.
Minutes later Haley found that he was waking up instead of having wonderful naked men dreams, because the nonstop pounding was getting down right irritating. Lifting his head, one eye opened halfway and he saw the glowing red numbers of his bedroom clock read, five-oh-five. Now, as far as Haley was concerned, the only good thing that happened at that time of the morning was sleeping.
“What the hell are you doing on the floor?”
“Go away sheriff, I’m sleeping,” Haley answered. Obviously the man wasn’t as smart as everyone thought he was.
“Get up, Haley, and get some running clothes on. I think five miles is a good number to start this morning with.” The sheriff continued. “And don’t give me any lip. You are already in hot water for going to the hotel last night and not locking your front door.”
Haley pulled the blanket over his head. “I’m not in hot water, I’m sleeping. Go away.”
The next minute the blanket was gone and Haley was lying across the sheriff’s lap, no longer wearing any underwear. Nothing woke up a man faster than having his bare ass sticking up in the air.

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