Saturday, September 13, 2014

Lubirea Mai 2 is completely finished and ready to be sent to Siren Publishing to see if they want to publish it.
Now I have to see if my muse wants to continue to tell Pip's brother Brad's story or tell Simon Craydon's story. Simon will have his story told one way or another. It's too fun not too. You see, Simon is a pompous, bigoted, lion shifter. And Riley in Lubirea Mai 2 sort of put a hex on him.
I already have a partner for him in a stubborn as heck customer service rep, who helps his sister out by being a waiter one night and ends up spitting in Simon's food.
But, Brad's story is partially written so I may have to tell that. His partner's name is Rock. Rock has dread-locks, tattoos, and I can see Brad's mother getting mixed up in things she has no business being in.
But first I have to send out Lubirea Mai 2 and finish the edits for Rescue for Hire 6. That story is about Gabriel, who is hired to take over the field medic duties for Jack. He meets Pete, Damian's employee, and claims him as his own. Pete we've met before in Damian's Treble. What you didn't know was Pete has OCD and grew up in a drug den. Oh what a tangled web we weave.
Enough secrets. Have a wonderful weekend.


p.s. I love to here your opinions and thoughts.

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