Thursday, September 4, 2014

It's Thursday already. Where did the week go?
Monday my first paranormal book comes out. It is from the series Lubirea Mai and is called Never Too Old To Live Again. It's full of sarcastic humor. I am currently working on the 2nd book of the series.  I hope to have it to Siren Publishing next week. I though I would share the beginning with you. It features Samuel a lion shifter introduced in Never Too Old To Live Again. His love interest is Riley, a man who gave up everything for his best friend Katherine.

Riley Buchanan followed his best friend Katherine, in the dead of night, to a destiny of which he wasn’t sure where or what it actually was.
“Come on, Riley, we have to hurry. We can’t let anyone see or smell us,” Katherine urged, looking over her slim shoulder at him.
Katherine’s long golden-brown pony-tale swished, in the yellow hue of the street lights, when she turned back around. Her dark colored clothing blended into the shadows, as she led him down the outer-edge of the concrete sidewalk. Riley found that he had to almost run trying to keep up with her. That didn’t surprise him, considering her gifts. Two years ago Katherine had shared her secret with him and now he had given up everything to start a new life with her.
To most that would seem weird, because he was gay and their friendship was deep, but purely plutonic. Yet for them it worked. Neither had any family left or that they kept in contact with, and until Katherine found her mate, and Riley found someone to grow old and die with, they at least had each other.
When Katherine reached the street corner she turned right and continued on. Seconds later Riley arrived to see the white reflective letters on the green street sign read, “Puma Lane”. Looking up he realized that Katherine was almost a half a block ahead of him. Riley hurried faster not wanting to lose her or force her to slow down. She had told him multiple times they had to be quick, quiet, and secretive.
Katherine’s graceful figure glided across an unadorned yard of a plain square white one story house. Riley hurried over the short grass of the lawn trying to catch up, only to see Katherine’s shadowed form disappear around the back corner of the house.
Riley was about five feet from reaching the corner when a small thud made him look to his right. Just before he was knocked flat on his back to the ground, Riley saw huge claw-tipped paws and a monstrous body with a massive mane-covered head, of a lion coming at him.
Like any self-respecting man, after he regained his ability to breathe again and granted they were only very shallow breaths considering the amount of weight that was currently lying on top of him, Riley started to fight. Lifting his hands, he went to push the lion’s head away, only to have his fingers sink into the silky depths of the animal’s thick mane. Grabbing hunks of hair he tried to push back the enormous face that was just inches away from his.
Instead the beast opened his mouth wide, showing Riley long pointed snowy-white teeth. Hot waves of air flowed over him as a deafening roar shook him to his very depths. Desperately Riley decided that now was a good time to pass out. It had always been his wish that when it was time for him to die, that it would happen in his sleep. Since he wasn’t currently asleep and he was ninety-nine percent sure he was about to die, being passed out cold was the next best thing.
Unfortunately wide awake Riley continued lay on the soft grass, eyes squeezed shut, his hands still immersed and tangled in the lions mane. The weight of the over warm furry body on his was becoming uncomfortable and heavy. He waited, anticipating the feel of the lion’s razor sharp teeth tearing into him. Nothing happened.
Taking as deep a breath as the large body on top of him would allow, Riley manned up and opened his eyes. Yellow eyes look down at him, as he studied the great beast. Then Riley felt his eyes widen as far as they would go and his mouth open, only to emit a low wheeze as the big cat opened his mouth and a rough tongue acting like a comb, tangling in his long brown hair, as it swiped over the side of his head.
It took a while for his heart to slow down from the near miss of being lion food, but now Riley’s brain was starting to kick in. The reason he was in this town and on Puma Lane in the first place came back, and that was when he remembered Katherine’s secret.
“Get off me cat,” Riley ordered.
The lion didn’t move. His relentless gaze continued to study Riley. He knew what the cat saw. Riley had a mass of thick curly hair that almost reached his shoulders. His eyes were a dark gray with thick black slashing eyebrows over them. He had a straight prominent nose, and Katherine claimed kissable plump lips. Riley wasn’t sure about that, but he did try to keep a five o’clock shadow that was so popular, to make him look more rugged.
“I know what you are, so like I’ve already told you. Get the hell off me,” Riley said.
The next moment Riley had a huge, muscled blond man on top on him. When the man rolled to his feet, Riley’s relief was short-lived as it became apparent the man was naked. Then the stranger reached down and easily picked Riley up and threw him over the man’s wide shoulder.

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