Friday, August 29, 2014

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He was half-way across the living room when one hundred and fifty pounds of mountain lion knocked him down and rolled him until he was flat on his back. For the second time in a week Todd found himself staring up at the ceiling, held down by a huge cat’s paw.
This time Todd wasn’t going to lie there and just take it. Using all of his strength Todd tried to push Stephan’s limb off him. When that didn’t work he tried to turn and crawl away. All that got him was being pulled right back up against Stephan’s warm furry body. Todd was starting to know how a mouse felt when a cat played with it.
“Let me go, Stephan. I don’t want to do this anymore. It’s getting too weird.” Todd was completely panicking now. “I’m just a man who wanted a house. A couple of days ago all I had to worry about was what color flowers I wanted to plant. Now you’re talking mating, beloveds, shifters, and men having babies.”
Stephan the cat instantly became Stephan the man. Without a word he picked Todd up in his strong arms and started up the stairs. Stephan didn’t stop until they reached the bed and then with one swipe of his arm, the pizza and plates were all crashing to the floor.
The covers were yanked down and Stephan climbed into bed and lay down. Strong hands rearranged Todd until his back was against Stephan’s strong chest. Stephan reached down and covered them up and then wrapped his arms around Todd pulling him close.
“Now, my kit, you will listen. Paranormal live a long time and for them life is always a balance. We are given long life, but it is hard for us to have children. If we are lucky enough to find our mates, the other half of our souls, if we don’t complete the ritual correctly, we die.”
“Ritual?” asked a small voice.
“The first kiss to start the bonding. Mixing of the blood and swallowing. The paranormal bite has to happen. We needed to be joined at the lips and sexually while coming together. And most of all, letting no cum escape until that last bonding kiss.”
“You could have told me about the ritual. It might have made it easier to know what to expect.” Stephan heard the hurt in his mate’s voice, but he was not an explainer, he was a cat.

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