Monday, August 25, 2014

Good Morning Monday,
I just received news that Granite City 1 - Domination and Submission is scheduled for release in November. Those of you who are Rescue for Hire fans, this is Steve the sheriff 's story.
County Sheriff Steve Titan is a hard, dominating man who demands submission and rules. He’s been watching Haley Kenyon for months, and even though he is seventeen years older, he has decided to claim the little beauty as his own.
Haley grew up in an abusive drug den, but worked hard to graduate college early and lands a job teaching four-year-olds. He may be small, but he has kicked many men to the curb when they couldn’t give him what he needs in the bedroom and a relationship.
Now that he has gained the sheriff’s attention, can the big guy handle an over the top snarky mouth and attitude? Can Haley handle the spankings when he pushes too far? Oh, then there are the whole issues of dirty cops, an old shed everyone is interested in, and the fact that Haley refuses to sleep in a bed.

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