Saturday, July 19, 2014


It is almost midnight by me and I am finally going to shut down the computer. I am determined to finish Rescue for Hire #6 - Pete's story. I wrote over 7 thousand words today and am exhausted. Tomorrow I will finish the last section and the book will be finished.
Then there are edits before sending it to Siren.
I had honestly thought that Commander's Spitfire would be the last of the series. But never say never. There is going to actually be another one after Pete's story. Then we'll see where it goes.
I have to tell you that revisiting Cade, Bret, Pip, Treb and all the rest was like coming home. The characters still have their quirks and I had to laugh when they came out onto the pages of this story.
If you follow my WIP page, you will see there is already over 27 thousand words to Pete's story and I figure by the end it will go over 30 thousand.
For those who wanted more, will get more.
Next week is vacation week for me and my family. So take care and hopefully I can pop in here and there.

Take care,


  1. Good to see this. Weren't you thinking about doing a off-shoot series about RFH? Was it adding new blood or just being further along in time? I can't remember. You might have just been tossing ideas around or I may be remembering something incorrectly. It's happened before :)

    1. Actually the Crazy Angle Ranch was an off-shoot. You may have seen a post of FB where I questioned what I would do with the next story after Pete's. That is Steve the sheriff's Story and he isn't a employee of RFH so I wasn't sure what I was going to do. I'm still not sure if Book #6 Pete's story should be Book #6 or a RFH2 separate series.

    2. Thanks. I told you I probably wouldn't remember correctly :) . I guess I was thinking that new people would head up RFH - years down the road I mean. I don't remember for sure where I got that idea.

  2. Wow Pete's story. That is fabulous . We readers love your men of RFH series and it's good to see Pete getting his own. Enjoy your vacation and we will see you when you get back.

    1. Thank you Lupa. I wish you a great up coming week also.