Thursday, July 10, 2014

Happy Release Day to The Farmer Takes the Cook and the Foreman!

Zaiden Moore was late for lunch, no big deal. Except the new cook took one look at his red hair and blue eyes and ran out of the room. What’s a man who loves to grow produce and grains going to do? Run after him, of course. What farmer doesn’t worship the sun?

Adam VanPeterson shut down all emotions after the World Trade Center disaster too everything he cared about. Now he has fun and then moves on. He’s had his eye on Zaiden for years, but until the pretty cook arrived, he was never going to act on his attraction. Can Elliot, who radiates sunshine and warmth, draw the man in black into the light?

Elliot Fisher promised to be open to love if it came his way. Somehow he didn’t think the promise included not one, but two handsome, huge, gorgeous men who keep kissing him every time he turns around.


  1. Sighs it sounds like the three of them need to work on this ménage . Can't wait happy release day

  2. It can't be all roses, but when they finally figure it out, it gets real hot!