Sunday, June 29, 2014

What a busy summer. Garden, flowers, writing, writing, and don't forget writing. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of the readers out there that enjoy my books. You are the ones that keep me coming up with the ideas for the next book.

Tomorrow The Farmer Takes the Cook and the Forman should be going up for pre-sale.
Here is a small snippet:

The fireman stood in full dress uniform, tall and proud. The radio clipped to his belt came to life with a crackle of static.
“Milner Fire Department.  Air Time. Call Please.”
“Milner Fire Department, three oh one.”
“Milner Fire Department, three oh one.”
“Attention all firemen.”
“Milner fireman down.”
“Milner fire department, three oh one.”
“Milner fire department, three oh one.”
“Attention all firemen, stand by for message.”
Emergency sirens rang out, piercing the air.
“Attention all firemen, Milner fireman Chief Casey O’Neill is now ten-seven, laid to rest.
“Heaven’s Fire Department.”
“Chief Casey O’Neill is ten-eight, on eternal duty.”

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