Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Men of the Crazy Angle Ranch series will go on!

#1 = Tyler's Transformation - Available Now
Baseball drove Tyler Hayward to fame, fortune and betrayal. With Graham Conner’s help and a little kink, he just might complete Tyler’s Transformation.

#2 = Xavi's Wild Ride - Available for Pre-sale Now
Xavi Diaz is extremely shy and on the run. Trace Griffin is big, bad and has set his sights on Xavi.

#3 = The Farmer Takes the Cook and the Foreman - Available July 10th
Zaiden Moore meets the new cook and wants him. Elliot Fisher meets the farmer and runs. Adam VanPeterson’s attracted to both. But neither wants a player.

#4 = Paulie's Protector - TBD
Paul Weber is running from a stalker. In desperation, hurt and sick, he goes to the Crazy Angle for protection. And finds Nolan Weber.

Callum and Stan think they need a story. But a cougar shifter named Stephan is demanding his story be told now and that the Crazy Angle series had to wait until his story is done.

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