Saturday, June 14, 2014

In honor of Father's Day weekend here is a snippet of Xavi's Wild Ride.

Xavi was pissed, humiliated and horny. Trace was right that the tools were his responsibility, but Stan was a meddling asshole. Xavi knew Stan had purposely rearranged those tools to get him in trouble.
He couldn’t believe he had thrown all of that stuff at Trace and then yelled at him. Xavi never lost his temper. Boy had he lost his temper. Why couldn’t he have lost it on someone who was shorter and skinnier? Of course he had to get mad at someone who could break him in half with one hand.

Xavi watched as Trace came out of the barn and without saying one word, got onto the four-wheeler. Xavi wrapped his arms tightly around Trace’s waist as he started the machine and took off, gravel spraying behind them.

The trip from the barn to the farm house was way too short for Xavi’s comfort. Trace turned off the machine and got off. Turning, he picked Xavi off the machine and threw him over one broad shoulder. Breathing wasn’t much of an option for Xavi, as Trace went up the steps of the porch and then took the stairs to the second floor way too fast for Xavi’s poor abused stomach.

Once they reached Trace’s bedroom, Trace put Xavi down and locked the door.  Xavi regained his balance only to find Trace sitting on the bed taking off his boots. Xavi didn’t know what to do. If he ran, Trace would chase him and although that might be fun at another time, right now there was no way Xavi was poking the beast.

After his boots and socks were lying on the floor, Trace leaned back, bracing his hands on the bed. “Strip,” he ordered.

Xavi could see by the fierce look on Trace’s face that his options were dwindling fast. So he quickly took off his clothes and stood there waiting for Trace’s next order.

“Xavi, do you agree that the tools you are responsible for were not easily accessible for me?”

Shit. “Yes,” he answered.

“Do you also agree that you lost your temper and proceeded to yell and throw things at me?”

Double shit. “Yes,” he answered.

Xavi watch all those delicious muscles in Trace’s arms and chest flexed as he took his T-shirt off and then opened his jeans. Xavi was ready to fall to his knees and start sucking that gorgeous cock that was making a huge bulge against the front of Trace’s jeans. But of course, Trace had other ideas.

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