Sunday, May 18, 2014

I couldn't resist putting a small blurb of Tyler's Transformation up. Favorites from Rescue for Hire pay a visit. This story should be out for pre-sale tomorrow.

Tyler sat down on one of the sofas in the living room, absently touching the slicing scar under his right eye. Since the accident, he had never really thought about it. No one had really made a big deal out of it. Certainly Graham didn’t seem bothered by it. Actually he did run a thumb over it or even on occasion his tongue when he was kissing his face. But that had always been out of love. Now he wondered if people didn’t say anything, because they didn’t want to hurt his feelings.
“Don’t even go there, honey. The scar is minor and you’re still the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.” Graham kissed his cheek right next to the scar. Tyler noticed Graham still looked like he was ready to defend him if necessary. The big guy sitting next to Tony on a sofa across from them had calmed down, but was still intimidating as hell just sitting there.
“I’m sorry Tyler, I was just surprised to see you here,” Tony said.
“No, if anyone in this room is sorry, it’s me. I have a lot to apologize for.” Tyler wished he could tell Tony everything he needed to.
“Damn right you should be sorry.”
“Shane Miller, that’s it. It’s obvious Tyler and I need to talk. Would it be okay if all of you leave the room and let us have five minutes to say what needs to be said?”
“No way in hell.”
“Shane, please.” Tony kissed his lover on the mouth and looked into his eyes for a moment. Tyler could see the second Shane gave it. With a sign in resignation, he stood up and walked out of the room. Brian and Jack too got up and followed.
Graham turned to Tyler and kissed him. “If you need me, just call. You don’t have to be alone anymore. Okay?”
Tyler leaned up and gave Graham one more kiss. “I’ll be fine. I have to do this.”
With a smile and a small brush of his hand on Tyler’s cheek, Graham left the room.
Now the two former lovers sat across from each other neither knowing how to start.

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