Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy May Day!

In one week Commander's Spitfire will be released. This is the fifth and final book of the original Rescue for Hire series. I am not ruling out a new team in the future, but these are the original five. I have been posting small bits of the book and as it's the first of May, here is a tiny look into how Shane feels about Tony.

Have a great day.


Shane had looked around his brother’s house and then took a shower. Cade and Bret were holed up in their bedroom and he didn’t think he would see them until morning. Cade was still weak and the trip had tired him out.

When he couldn’t find anything that he wanted to eat in the refrigerator or freezer, he decided to go into town . He could admit he was feeling a little snarly. Shane wasn’t one to take it with grace when he had to do something he didn’t like. And he didn’t like giving Tony the evening without him.

Taking Cade’s truck, he started down the long driveway. As he was just getting to the road leading into town, Tony’s truck drove by. Without a second thought, Shane followed, knowing he would always follow Tony.

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