Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Finally beautiful weather has come to my part of the country. Sunny, in the 70's. A person really can't ask for more.
Have been working on the garden and my flowers.
While I was working I was plotting the book I am working on. Tomorrow I will be attempting to put this suspenseful, exciting plot down on paper.
So far I have a huge, muscled mechanic. A smaller man who is not a twink. He is also a mechanic. He also has a stalker.
I am going to combine two men who have chemistry off the charts. A stalker who so far has been unstoppable. A ranch full of cowboys who are going to do anything they have to to protect the new assistant mechanic. And everyone is going to have to try and figure out who on the ranch is under the stalker's control.
If I pull this off, it's going to be so exciting.
Wish me luck.

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