Friday, April 11, 2014


Meet the Men from my books.

Rescue for Hire Series
    Cade Miller sat in his office surrounded by his team. Things were going well with his Rescue for Hire Company. The phone was ringing steadily and they were fulfilling his dream of saving people.
    Looking to his right he saw his best friend and the paramedic of the team, Jack. Jack worked hard and was a very skilled field medic. He also played hard with men and women. Cade sometimes worried that his hard partying might come back to haunt him. (Book 2 – Jack’s Sweets)
    Treble was observing everything around him, as usual. Cade could find no other as skilled with weapons and hand to hand combat. His attitude was sometimes a challenge, but he was family. (Book 3 – Damian’s Treble)
    Quiet Alex thought he was unnoticed, but he couldn’t be more wrong. The excellent tracker with his dog Bud were embraced, respected and loved. Someday Cade hoped Alex would realize it. (Book 4 – Leo’s Pet)
    The glue of the team with his manic computer skills was Tony. He was also the one the team had to look out for. Cade worried that Tony’s unwavering trust in people would get him terribly hurt one day. (Book 5 – Commander’s Spitfire)
    Cade sat back in his chair, feeling a pain of loneliness. One day he hoped the he could be lucky enough to find his forever love. Looking around again at his friends, family and teammates all rolled into one, he hoped that each and every one of them would find their forever too. (Book 1 – Bear’s Pup)
The Men of the Crazy Angle Ranch
    Graham Conner was enjoying a scrumptious meal created by his beloved cook, Ms. Lucy. The rest of his fulltime ranch hands surrounding him at the table were laughing and joking around, just like most nights.
    The rough, hard edged, bad boy of the group was Trace. He liked his excitement, pushing everything to the limits. Graham was very lucky to have found such a gifted farrier, who could work on such humungous animals. (Book 2 – Xavi’s Wild Ride)
    Graham had needed someone to start and work the agricultural side of the ranch. To be successful, a ranch now-a-days had to be diverse. He had found that in Zaiden. The hot-tempered redhead knew what he was doing, growing some of the best fruits and crops in the state. (Book 3 - TBD)
    Quiet, extremely shy, Nolan went about his business keeping all of the ranch’s machinery in excellent working order. Graham had never seen such a tall, powerful man before, but counted him as one of his closest friends. (Book 4 - TBD)
    Callum was laughing at something Zaiden had said. The equine veterinarian knew his stuff and had saved many horses on his ranch, as well as the surrounding ranches. The good natured vet had a gift for making everyone around him feel welcome. (TBD)
    Adam, his foreman, was talking about going out and hitting the local bar. No doubt he would find someone to warm his bed. Adam was an excellent trainer of the big draft horses the ranch raised and an outstanding foreman. He also was a love him and leave him kind of guy. Graham didn’t think there were many willing men in the county or surrounding counties that Adam hadn’t enjoyed. (TBD)     Graham was rich, successful and was feeling an emptiness that only a partner would fill. He had provided his sister with a stable home until she went on to live her own dreams. Now he hoped for a dream of his own. (Book 1 – Tyler’s Transformation)

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  1. My favorite animal is a butterfly (which I'm not really sure is called an animal) it flutters around from place to place. Thanks for the chance to win :) raynman1979 at yahoo dot com

  2. My favorite animal is a Panda Bear. They are just so adorable and look so cuddly.

  3. Favorite animal would be the dragon. They just look too cool

    jrobe 10689 at aol dot com

  4. My favorite animal is rare it's a fennic fox i love all foxes but this one i have a weak spot for

  5. I'm a cat person....big or little doesn't matter

  6. My favorite animal is a wolf because of their strength & beauty.

  7. I like little furry creatures like hamsters, chicks, ducklings, bunnies and kittens. They're just so cute!

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  8. I love wolves because they are strong and loyal.

  9. I love cats & dogs! I have both! But I do also love Wolves! They are strong, loyal, beautiful creatures! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I love aerodynamically unsound, yet they fly!


  11. I love dolphins. I find them to be quite fascinating and beautiful. I would have loved to have the ability of Dr. Doolittle and been able to converse with them to see if they are as intelligent as scientists believe. Thanks for participating in the Hop. Finding new authors to enjoy makes me happy.

  12. I love dogs. I have had a dog since I was a baby and now as an adult I don't know what I would do without one. The constant companionship with no judgement has been a big help in my life after all the judgement and bullying I received in school.

  13. I love cats - big and small. They are amazing.
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  14. I love wolves, they are dangerous yet gorgeous animals! Thank you for the chance to enter :-)

  15. My favorite animal is a rabbit. They are cute and cuddly.


  16. Bears, I think because I grew up around them. Big cats like lions and tigers are a little too scary for me.

    Thanks for the chance to win one of your books!

    Shannon F

  17. For a pet my fave is dog. Have both dog and cats right now and the dog doesn't get into nearly as much trouble as the two kittens do. Fave animal of all time...dragon. Have loved those since I was a little girl.

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  18. My favorite pets are cats - all kinds. I love their beauty and independence.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway. Fingers crossed to win.

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