Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Happy Wednesday!

Tomorrow is a big day. Come visit me at ManLove Authors. I will be interviewing with them.  Also DAMIAN'S TREBLE will be released by Siren Publishing. Treble is my favorite character. Here is a little snippet from the book.

Damian had decided shortly after their first meeting that he wanted to find out if there was a forever with Treb. What he found out pretty quickly was that it wasn’t going to be easy. For months he had watched the little man always observing the world around him.

Only the members of the team seemed to be able to get him to willingly participate in living life where people were involved. He had learned that Treb didn’t bother to mess around or play games. Most of his actions were straight and to the point. And then the man moved on. This was especially true in hooking up with someone. Wham, bam, and good-bye seemed to be his motto.

Damian had concluded that to keep him he would have to get Treb to want him with more than just his body, although that would be important, too. There was no controlling him physically. After all the guy could have Damian tied up or unconscious in seconds. Treble was that lethal. It would have to be all about the brain and heart while keeping him off balance physically.

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