Monday, June 8, 2015

Hello Monday,

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Mine was sunny and then we had quite a storm. I liked it when the rain poured down and I could hear it against the metal roof of the house.

This Saturday Progressing with Storm - Granite County 5 will be released at Siren. I thought I would give you a hint on what these three guys are like.

Corey had found a man that completed him and Kris, and he was not going to let any fancy-assed waiter try to move in on him.
It flitted through Corey’s mind that his mother would have the bar of soap out at his crass language, but in his defense, the waiter had been touching Storm throughout the whole meal.
“What the hell is your problem? You can see he is with us. Who do you think you are?” Corey bumped his chest into the waiter.
Kris stepped up next to Corey and poked his finger into Jared’s shoulder. “Find your own boyfriend. Storm is ours.”
Jared’s face paled, and he put his hands up in surrender. “Look, he’s gorgeous. I had to try.”
A strong arm slid around Corey’s waist and pulled him back against Storm’s hard body. Storm also dragged Kris closer.
“Calm down, you two,” Storm said. “Let’s get out of here. The faster I’m on the road, the faster I can get back to you.”
Minutes later they were walking back to the shop. Corey glanced over and saw Storm’s expression was cocky and saucy.
“Wipe that look off your face, Donahue,” Corey ordered.
“What?” Now Storm was trying for innocence and not succeeding.
“Did you like that guy hitting on you?” Kris asked.
Storm put his arms around them both and pulled them close. “I liked that you two cared enough to be jealous,” he admitted.
That calmed Corey’s ire a bit, but he had to ask, “What would you have done if he’d given his number to Kris or me.”
Storm’s face instantly resembled his name. “I’d have made him eat it,” Storm bit out.
Corey felt better and snuggled closer. “Okay. Let’s go home.”
“Storm,” Kris said.
Yes, sugar?”
“We’ve officially had a date. Have we progressed to being boyfriends?”
“We are all absolutely boyfriends.”

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