Tuesday, November 21, 2017

This time of year is huge. For generations my family has participated in the annual deer hunt. As a child I remember packing up the car and heading to the shack where my mom cooked on a genuine wood stove and we all slept in a room filled with full size bunk beds. Nights were filled with card games, and on Sunday everyone watched the football game on a tiny black and white television sitting on an old white refrigerator.
Now my house fills with family and text messages fly to see if anyone is seeing those elusive deer. Not just my family, but my brother and his family who are miles away, but we still are in each other's pockets.
Mr. B likes me to be out in the woods with him. So, I spent the last few days, sixteen feet in the air, sitting in a tiny wooden structure with all the windows open. I froze, froze, froze and watched the squirrels carry apples up into trees and leave them in the crooks of branches.Today, I have to get food for Thanksgiving and run errands. In truth, my whole body aches and all I want to do is write. In January when the holidays are over and the snowy days seem endless, I will pull out these memories and smile.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

I woke up this morning to read that elephant trophies will be able to be brought to the U.S. from two African counties. My first thought was, did the Pres do this because his son is a big game hunter? Maybe this was a harsh thought. Maybe there are credible reasons for this decision, but I can't think of any. The original rules were put in place to try and cut down illegal poaching and hunts. Has that changed?
I also came across a reviewer complaining that someone criticized her review. Now part of the criticism included words that shouldn't have been said. I could never condone those actions. But part of me smiled a very small smile that a reviewer received a taste at what it feels like to be criticized.
My mind is turning to the holidays. I would love it if this year I could order everything online. So far I've spotted a few great ideas. Unfortunately I want them instead of giving them. Oops.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments about Morgan's story. I am so glad you enjoyed it. Your comments keep me going in this crazy world of writing. Sometimes its easy to become discouraged.
Today I will be writing and cooking and cleaning. I think there will be more of the writing part then the others, but I will make the attempt.
Have a great day
p.s. The Medic Finds His Home is now available at Amazon.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Today is release day. I think you will enjoy Morgan's story. I will be writing today. I have one story to finish and another that won't let me sleep at night. I guess I need to take the time to write the words the poor guy is demanding.
Tonight Mr. B and I are going to the local pancake supper. It will be fun to visit with everyone and I like the thought of not having to cook or wash dishes.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Today Mr. B went back to work. The house is quiet. It's kind of nice.
Tomorrow is release day for The Clash of the Techie and the New Medic. I think you will like this story.
I will be busy cooking and getting ready for a houseful this weekend. The house will be rocking with kids arriving home for Thanksgiving and the deer hunting season.
I hope you have a great week.

Friday, November 10, 2017

The weekend is almost here. Yay! The lake we live on is covered with ice today. I believe we are going to have a high temperature of 14. Tomorrow over an inch of snow is predicted.
I like snow. I like to watch it fall. I like to walk through it. I like to hit Mr. B with an unexpected snowball. I don't even mind shoveling the stuff.
Not much to report on the writing front. The Clash of the Techie and the New Medic will be released next Tuesday. I believe the 14th.
Life pressures and drama have made the words of my latest story slow in coming. I hope to kick start it and get it humming along. I seem to hope that every day lately.
Have a great and safe weekend.