Monday, April 24, 2017

Another new week, another try at finishing my latest story. My stamina isn't where it should be, but I will keep trying. Between naps. Have a wonderful week.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

It is a good thing that people can not read each other's minds. What is going through my mind would give many heart attacks. Man pregnancy, what type of man would love another who dresses as a woman, creating a story where the scared mouse of a man is actually the strongest of all and is mated to the big, bad, unbending alpha.
Life is never boring in my head.

Friday, April 21, 2017

I just wrote a whole whining blog about my battle with trying to keep depression at bay. Then I erased it. The depression is surgery related and perfectly normal. It will pass.
Someone close to me has decided to try their hand in writing. I have helped newbie writers in the past, but never someone this close. The fear of saying something that will hurt their feelings is huge. I did have to chuckle when they had that moment of, holy cow, this is harder than I thought.
I want to finish Cam and Keaton's story this next week, but don't know if I have the strength to do it. My afternoon nap sure cuts in to getting things done. But the one time I tried staying awake, I paid for it all night. The body rules the roost right now.
Time to get going. Enjoy your weekend, and remember to smile at least once a day.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The good news. Contemplating Life's Surprises (Granite County) is now at Amazon. You can find it here.
Not so good new. I guess I should stick with writing contemporary action stories. I sent the beginning of my current paranormal WIP to my beta reader. The response was quiet. Quiet isn't good. Now, I have to decide to continue and finish or scrap this story.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Edits are in. Now on to work in progress. I'd love to finish up Cam and Keaton's story. Dominic is also talking in my mind. Just when one story is finished, two more start demanding to be heard.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Monday morning
For those who celebrate I hope you had a wonderful Easter or Passover.
The final edits for Loving Laser's Lost Boys is due this morning. Unfortunately I won't make it. My mind is not working at top pace right now. Today is 3 weeks since getting a new knee. Still taking pain meds and dealing with pain and getting the knee to work. I would never say this type of surgery is in any way easy.
Mr. B is going back to work this evening. A week earlier than the last knee. We will try it. If things don't go well he will take the rest of the week off. I would like to be tough and say, no problem, I've got this. But to be honest, I will try my best and hope it goes well. Some nights everything has been fine, and others have been ugly.
In another week, things should turn around. The one month point is pivotal.
Enough about the knee.
I will finish up the edits and then work on my paranormal story, Cam and Keaton. Getting lost in their fictional lives is so much fun.
Have a wonderful week.
Because you listen to my whining of my knee, here is a bit of Cam and Keaton's story. Unedited.

Meeting Cam had changed Keaton's world. A space inside of him had opened up and rejoiced at the connection between them. Keaton had wandered the barren desert of loneliness for far too long.
The cantankerous bear’s dominance, possessiveness, and unyielding nature fed Keaton’s own yearning to submit and trust in being protected. Cam’s definition of compromise wasn’t anywhere near what the dictionary stated, and Keaton was prepare to do whatever was needed to have a great love affair with his true one.
“Spread your legs wider and hug my waist,” Cam ordered.
Keaton shivered. It seemed Cam had finished talking and was ready to get down to business. Halleluiah.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Loving Laser's Lost Boys (Granite County) is now up for pre-sale. You can find it here.
Have a great weekend.